Test Overview
Test Usage

Recommended for investigation of: 1) a patient with suspected or proven thymoma, whether or not symptoms or signs of MG are present (also of value for serially monitoring patients after removal of thymoma; a rising autoantibody titer may herald tumor persistence or recurrence), or emergence of an unrelated neoplasm and 2) a bone marrow transplant recipient with suspected graft-vs.-host disease, particularly if there is evidence of weakness.

Reference Range *

Muscle AChR Binding Ab: <=0.02 nmol/L; Muscle AChR Modulating Ab: 0 - 20%; Striational Ab: <1:120; CRMP-5-IgG Western Blot: Negative; AChR Ganglionic Neuronal Ab: <=0.02 nmol/L; Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Ab: <=0.02 nmol/L; Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Ab: <=0.02 nmol/L.

* Reference ranges may change over time. Please refer to the original patient report when evaluating results.

Test Details
Analytic Time

3 - 7 days

Soft Order Code
  • ACh Receptor (Muscle) Binding Antibody
  • ACh Receptor (Muscle) Modulating Antibody
  • AChR Ganglionic Neuronal Antibody
  • CRMP-5 IgG
  • Striational (Striated Muscle) Antibody
  • AChR Antibodies
  • Acetylcholine Receptor Antibodies
  • GAD65 Antibody
  • Neuronal (V-G) K Channel Antibody
Reference Laboratory
Mayo MGT1
Special Testing
Test Updated
Update Type
Test Resumed
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Collect specimen in a red top or SST tube. Centrifuge, aliquot serum into a plastic vial and refrigerate.

Yellow Top Tube
Normal Volume
3 mL serum
Minimum Volume
2 mL serum
Additional Information

Evaluation includes the following tests: AChR Binding Ab, AChR Modulating Ab, Striational Ab, AChR Ganglionic Neuronal Ab, CRMP-5-IgG Western Blot, Glutamic Acid Decarboxylase Ab (GAD65), and Voltage-Gated Potassium Channel Ab. Test sent to Mayo Medical Laboratories.

CPT Code
83519 x4, 83520, 84182, 86341
Reflex CPT
GAD65 86341, VGKC 83519
Reflex Fee Code
GAD65 32140, VGKC 40393