Test Overview
Test Methodology

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)

Test Usage

Toxoplasma gondii is highly problematic when primary infection occurs during the first trimester of pregnancy, often leading to fetal death or when reactivation occurs in immunocompromised patients, leading to life-threatening disease including encephalitis and extracerebral toxoplasmosis. Onset of disease in most patients is preceded by an increase in parasite load measured in peripheral blood specimens using quantitative PCR. Monitoring blood levels of Toxoplasma gondii DNA correlates well with treatment.

Test Details
Days Set Up
Analytic Time

2 - 5 days

Soft Order Code
MiChart Code
Toxoplasma DNA by PCR, Other Sources
Reference Laboratory
Viracor-IBT Laboratories 2200
Special Testing
Specimen Requirements
Collection Instructions

Blood: Collect specimen in a lavender top (EDTA) tube. Send intact specimen at room temperature (4 - 5 mL). CSF: Send specimen frozen in a sterile tube (2 mL). The following specimen types are also acceptable: Bronchial Lavage (BAL) (2 mL in sterile tube, room temperature) and Aminotic Fluid (2 mL in sterile tube, room temperature).

Alternate Specimen
Acceptable specimen types (1/23/12): amniotic fluid, aqueous fluid, BAL, bronch wash, CSF, pericardial fluid, pleural fluid, trach asp, trach wash, whole blood (EDTA).
Normal Volume
Blood: 5 mL EDTA whole blood; CSF: 2 mL
Minimum Volume
Blood: 4 mL EDTA whole blood; CSF: 2 mL
Additional Information

Test sent to Viracor Eurofins.

CPT Code
Fee Code
NY State Approved