Renal Biopsy

The Renal Pathology Service is an active subspecialty with more than 500 cases processed each year representing needle biopsies from adult and pediatric renal allografts or native kidneys.

Each native biopsy typically requires H&E, PAS, trichrome, and silver stains for light microscopy, immunofluorescence for detection of immune deposits, and electron microscopy for the evaluation of proteinuria (nephritic syndrome), nephritis including rapidly progressive glomerulonephritis, renal failure, vascular disease, and acute and chronic transplant rejection. Successful interpretation of these specimens requires considerable correlation with the clinical history and laboratory data. Therefore, it is very important that clinical history is provided with each renal biopsy. Each clinician submitting a biopsy is contacted with a preliminary diagnosis typically within 24-48 hours of receipt but more immediate when the diagnosis is urgent.

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