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MLabs provides detailed information for classifying, packaging, and shipping medical specimens for testing. These pages are updated as regulations, methods, and packaging materials change over time. For questions or additional details regarding collection, transport, and testing procedures, please contact Customer Service.

Ensure that the proper specimen is obtained and the appropriate test is requested. Information regarding the tests performed by our laboratories as well as proper sample collection, handling and storage information can be found in the MLabs Test Catalog.

MLabs policy requires that ALL specimens, including slides, are labeled with both the patient’s FIRST and LAST NAMES as well as a SECOND IDENTIFIER such as the patient’s medical record number or date of birth.  Acceptable second identifiers include, but are not limited to: date of birth, social security number, medical record number, accession number, requisition number, or specimen barcode label.  Specimens without proper labeling including two person-specific identifiers will not be tested and MLabs will recommend that a new specimen be obtained if possible. 

All specimens should be accompanied by a completed MLabs requisition. To ensure accuracy and completeness of the result, certain testing must be accompanied by various patient information forms in addition to the MLabs requisition or electronic order. See MLabs Forms, Requisitions and Supplies for additional information and printable forms and requisitions.

MLabs has a courier service in place that provides regular pick-up and delivery for established clients within our geographic service area. Schedules are arranged in accordance with client needs and the limitations of distance and time. For non-established clients, special courier arrangements can be made.

All Specimens or Evaluations can be sent by express mail or courier service to:
Michigan Medicine Laboratories (MLabs)
N-LNC Specimen Processing
2800 Plymouth Rd., Bldg. 35
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2800

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